Heather-Maple Loop Pass

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places you can live. We have a little something for everyone although sometimes it feels like there isn’t much room left up here for anyone (thanks Amazon!). My husband and I try to frequent the trails when the weather permits (which is harder to do now that we are home owners and there is yard work to be done!) or try to camp multiple times a year. I’m happy to say pregnancy hasn’t stopped us from camping! We are going on our fourth trip this summer this weekend!

I am officially in my second trimester and when I look back on my first I cant help but feel like I was lazy. I cant be to hard on myself because I was giving my body what it needed – nutrition and rest. Since my fatigue is wearing off I got super ambitious and dragged my husband and good friend on a hike in the Northern Cascades. We hiked the Heather-Maple Pass loop. Just shy of 4 months pregnant I feel the gain was intense, but the views were worth it once we reached the peak. It was 7.2 miles round trip added to a 3 hour drive home. It took us a bit longer then it would have if I wasn’t pregnant, but it’s important to give your body rest and not overdo it.

I love living in the pacific Northwest and I love being outdoors. It was really great being on the trail and I cannot wait to share these experiences with my daughter.

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