Spring Barrel 2018

In Spring of 2010 I was invited to go wine tasting in Eastern Washington. There is an abundance of wineries in that region that partake in Spring Barrel. This was the year one of my favorite traditions was born! I have attended Spring Barrel (or pre-barrel if that weekend worked better) since 2010. I only missed 2013 due to living in San Diego. My Husband’s family lives in Richland, which is about a 45 minute drive to where the heart of the wineries are, so our group has grown and it’s become a family affair!
I, of course, have my staple wineries I make a fuss to go to. I like their deals and LOVE their wine. We do try to check out a few new wineries as well or a few that we haven’t gone to in a year or two. We always pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at Silverlake Winery, pile in a 15 passenger van and begin spring barrel!
We stopped at the following wineries:
  • Bonair (They do a case mix and match sale – $100!)
  • Maison De Padgett (great ports and dessert wines!)
  • Owen Roe (first time visit and it was delicious! Their Pinot Noir is worth noting.)
  • Silverlake (Live bands, food trucks and good wine)
  • Airfield (always a favorite. Love their bombshell red)
  • Bartholomew (Located in Kennewick, so not near most of the wineries, but worth the drive!)

My total haul this year was 25 bottles of wine. That’s a new record for me. Now I just have to organize it all! Out of all the wineries and wines tasted I would have to give a BIG shout out to Bartholomew! Their wines were SO good. Their Malbec and Petite Verdot were unbelievable. They do have a tasting room in Seattle as well for those on the West side of the state!

Bonair winery
Barrels of aging wine at Bonair Winery
Vineyards at Bonair Winery
Owen Roe3
Owen Roe Winery

Owen Roe5

Owen Roe8

Airfield Winery Tasting Room


Bartholomew Winery Tasting
Bartholomew Tasting Room

Eleven Winery Wine Club

When I was younger wine was something I had zero interest in. I had a lot of older friends who, anytime there was a gathering, always had a wine glass in hand. Unfortunately for me – my drink of choice was vodka. This was mainly because it was easily mixed into anything. I was (and am) considered a “light weight” among my peers so I was very inebriated after one or two drinks while everyone else was sipping, tasting, enjoying vino. After Christmas of 2008 I made a New Years resolution that I was going to start liking wine. January 1st – if I were to have any alcohol it had to be wine. The rest is history.

I enjoy the social aspect of wine. I love going to various wineries and shops and looking at how they’re set up, how they welcome customers and how they brand their wine. I’ve been to my fair share of wineries (mostly all along the West Coast). However, I’ve never felt the need to join a wine club. Sure I have my favorite wines from specific wineries, but I never saw the point of joining until I was introduced to Eleven Winery one year ago.

Eleven winery is located on Bainbridge Island; which is a short ferry ride West of Seattle. The tasting room is walking distance from the ferry dock while the actual main location is 4 miles down the road.  Typically when I go to a tasting I like maybe 50-75% of the wines on the tasting menu. When it comes to Eleven winery there has not been one single wine that I have not liked and it has quickly climbed to the number one spot of wineries I love. I am now officially a wine club member! Last night I went to my first “wine club pick up party”. They served tacos and sangria made from their Tempranillo and had local musicians playing in the background. It was a perfect evening with perfect company. I joined the standard club so every 2 months I get one red wine and one white. Featured this month was the Tempranillo and their unique white mourvedre. As of now you cannot find the White Mourvedre anywhere else, but I am so thankful I got a bottle in my wine release because it is amazing!


Eleven wine pickup party 2

Eleven wine pickup party 3

Eleven wine pickup party 4

Eleven wine pickup party 1